Strategy is designed to connect the definition of the mission, business vision, and organizational values ​​with practical and daily actions, by defining initiatives, directions of action and implementation plan. Strategy is a process of system design, and our experts will accompany you through all the steps:

  • Understanding what each group of authority and key stakeholders expects from you

  • Assessment of the situation, mapping existing and possible impact

  • Identifying business opportunities

  • Clear definition of goals with performance indicators for implementation

  • Matching the execution units, the organizational structure and the work processes to the goals, the priorities and the tasks

We help formulate strategic plans and make derivative work plans. The company holds unique ability to distinguish and build business strategy and operational strategy.

Our approach

Empirical Evidence: A broad and thorough data collection provides us with well-established insights and enables to adapt proven strategies. Our knowledge is based on long-term learning from test cases accumulated in 20 years of experience.


Strategy as a business process that understands and reflects the human aspect: Successful strategy expresses deep understanding of the concepts - intrinsic value, customer experience, organizational culture, collaborative creation. One of the foundations for successful strategy is a collaborative process. A journey in which teams cope with challenges, combine points of view and change approaches. This journey will not only contribute to the quality of planning, but will also induce deep commitment to the implementation stages.

Selected projects