Pareto Group has an economic and business research department led by Doron Lavee, professor of economics and public policy. The research aims at developing deeper understanding of the economic-business environment and the evolving global economy, as well as support the work of our consulting teams. The products of the research department serve, inter alia, as a tool that assists decision-makers in the public and private sectors in order to make managerial decisions and formulate policies. The research at Pareto combines economic consulting, business consulting and financial consulting, using economic analysis tools and business knowledge. The research examines trends in various fields at the micro level, in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the forces operating at the macro level to influence public policies and business strategies.
Pareto's studies and publications cover a wide range of fields in Israel and abroad, focusing on a number of key issues: infrastructure, urbanization, regional development, industry, technology and innovation, human capital management and organizational structures.

Selected projects

Assessment of the economic damage in Nahal Ashalim as a result of the pollution that occurred in June 2017