People, Organization and Human Resources

One of the major challenges faced by managements of business companies and public bodies is establishing their work force. Utilizing the human and organizational potential is not simple and deals with many aspects: employee commitment, productivity, innovation, accelerators or inhibitors of digital transformation, work relations and more. All of these are directly affected by the company's human resource management and are the key to achieving business results.
We view human resource management as an integral part of the organization management together with general management and finance management, and equally responsible for successful execution of organizational strategy.
Our consulting services rely on our various core practices including research and analysis, as well as on our knowledge of the different economic sectors. We help organizations design and implement programs regarding human resources, executive development, leadership and organizational change. These programs strengthen people within the organization and thus strengthen performance. Using database analysis, facts and benchmarking, we focus on building a long-term organizational culture - developing capabilities and qualities to support organizational performance.


Selected Projects

 Recommendations on improving standardization and changes to organizational structures following the reform in business licensing